In no particular order, I would like to acknowledge the people who have helped Deb & me come to appreciate the beauty of fly fishing and the wonders of South Florida that can be accessed from the Keys.

Tim Borski

Captain Hank Brown

Captain Greg Poland

Sandy & Sue Moret

Captain Alex Adler

Chico Fernandez

Brian Floyd

Andy Englemeyer

Alan Lark

Captain Justin Rea

Captain John Donnell

F. Mitchell Howell

Flip Pallot

Captain Greg Eklund

C.D. Clarke

Jerry Siem

Tom Gordon

T. Patrick Ford

Captain Scott Collins

Nathaniel Linville

Andy Mill

Captain Scott Sommerlatte

Captain Andy Thompson

Captain Mike Ehlers

Captain Brian Helms

Captain Brian Esposito

Diana Rudolph

Dillon Trosett

Len Codella

Captain Jared Raskob

I would also like to acknowledge the achievements and work of those who have done much to advance the enjoyment of fly fishing through their work in pioneering, advancing and refining the art & craft of reel making.  Again, in no particular order:

Captain Bob McChristain

Stan Bogden


Ted Jurascek

Gar Wood

Cliff Herron

Steve Abel

Jack Charlton


…. and countless other boutique reel makers who have sought to advance the craft.

Thank you one and all.